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a branch of the Channel Islands YMCA

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Child Care

YMCAs are the nation’s largest provider of child care. We provide high-quality and affordable programs that are family-centered and values-based to nurture children’s healthy development.

We emphasize values such as caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Like all Y programs, child care is open to all, with financial assistance available.

Children are like sponges – they watch and absorb knowledge, skills and values from everything and everyone around them. At the Y, we believe the values and skills learned early on are vital building blocks for quality of life and future success.  That’s why our child care programs are staffed with people who understand the cognitive, physical and social development of kids.  We make children feel connected and supported in trying new things.  We also supply the reinforcement parents need to help each other. At the Y, kids make friends, learn new skills, and do homework; most importantly, children learn how to be their best selves. That makes for confident kids today and contributing and engaged adults tomorrow. 

Like all Y programs, child care is open to all, with financial assistance available.

We currently have three licensed sites, one enrichment program, and one ASES program in the community of Lompoc that parents may register their children at:

Buena Vista                                                                                        
Site Supervisor: Caitlyn Viviano                                                                                             
Email for information: Caitlyn.Viviano@ciymca.org                                           
100 Aldebaran Ave. #P-3                                                                               
(805) 742-2935                                                                                                            

La Canada
Program Coordinator: Brittany Keck-Pedro
Email for information: Britany.Keck-Pedro@ciymca.org
620 W. North Ave. RM 37
(805) 742-2203

Los Berros
Site Lead: Ruth Kane

Email for information: Ruth.Kane@ciymca.org
3745 Via Lato #P-27
(805) 742-2342

Miguelito (Enrichment Program)
Program Coordinator: Opal Andreatta
Email for information: Opal.Andreatta@ciymca.org
1600 West Olive RM
(805) 736 -3483

La Honda ASES
ASES Coordinator: Daniel Fabela
Email for information: Daniel.Fabela@ciymca.org
1213 North 'A' Street RM 28
(805) 742-2297

*We have updated and made changes to the handbook and payment policies please don't forget to read your Parent Handbook and Registration Packet! For any additional questions you may reach the Program Director at 805-736-3483 or at Stephanie.Saucedo@ciymca.org.

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