Merry Fitmas From the Y

At the Y, working out can be fun. Have your pie and eat it too, while avoiding the holiday weight gain with the #12DAYSofFITNESS challenge. Hit the gym for 12 days in December and earn an exclusive Y shirt to keep you sleighing your workouts through the New Year.

If you still need to find your grove at the gym, the Y has a range of group exercise classes like cardio dance, or Y FIT trainers offer a more personalized approach. Y FIT trainers are available to meet with you, motivate, and help to define and achieve your health and wellness goals. Every Y membership includes 3 FREE Y FIT sessions. 

If getting yourself to the gym is easy, challenge yourself once you’re there by adding variety to your routine. In order to build muscle and definition, the body needs to be exposed to a different range of movement. It’s also essential to focus on a specific part of the body each time you workout.

Try this schedule to see results and get in the spirit!

1st Day of Fitness: Core
2nd Day of Fitness: Legs
3rd Day of Fitness: Arms
4th Day of Fitness: Total Body
5th Day of Fitness: Legs & Core
6th Day of Fitness: Arms & Core
7th Day of Fitness:  Cardio & Core
8th Day of Fitness: Total Body
9th Day of Fitness: Legs & Cardio
10th Day of Fitness: Arms & Cardio
11th Day of Fitness: Core & Cardio
12th Day of Fitness: Total Body

To get started, pick up a fitness tracking card at the Welcome Center.

Feel proud of your progress? Share a photo of your workout on social media and use #12DAYSofFITNESS


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