As the buzz around New Years Resolutions fades into February, it is still possible to keep the commitment you made to yourself.

Fitness is more than working out, the Y wants to support your entire health and wellness journey.

Whether you made a resolution or not, these simple reminders may help you pick up extra motivation left behind in January:

Be Realistic

You know yourself best. The vision of your future-self might be overwhelming, but starting is always the hardest part. Set goals that push you, but are still enjoyable. The Y has a wide range of activities for all ages from yoga, cycling, basketball league to Zumba, aqua aerobics & foam rolling workshops… just to name a few.

Reward Yourself

The small steps count. Set goals that allow you to celebrate the small victories. After a long week, reward your muscles with a water aerobics work out or time to decompress in the sauna.

Try Something New

Switch it up. For some, the gym is “me’ time. Group Exercise at the Y can still be an independent activity, while working new muscles. The group dynamic adds a little extra healthy competition naturally which can be fun and rewarding.

Make The Most of Your Time

Have a specific area of focus in mind, or need an extra push in the gym? A personal trainer is a small yet powerful change that builds new muscle and skills. They help maximize your time, effort, and hold you accountable. If you’ve made an appointment to meet you trainer, you aren’t just telling yourself you will go to the gym. As part of the Y membership, theres sessions with a Y FIT trainer are FREE!


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