Movement is a part of life from start to finish. Make sure your child is set up for long-term success by learning and mastering the fundamentals of exercise before moving into the big leagues. NFL Flag Football offers a much safer introduction to football while your player learns the fundamentals. 

Playing a sport is competitive by nature, but does not have to be dangerous.  NFL Flag is a non-contact sport, which means no tackles or collisions. Channel Islands YMCA Facilities Director, Mike Evans explains, “Collisions cause concussions.” Evans has coached kids that went off to play in the NFL, and he admits that some NFL players have chosen not to put their kids in tackle football leagues at an early age because of their own experience with concussions.

One of the best methods to improve program adherence with youth is to keep fitness fun. When you play with the Y, everyone gets play time. Coaches focus on team building, and having fun, instead of strict competition. NFL Flag Football at the Y offers a safe place to learn for both boys & girls. 

While the goal is to win, NFL Flag Football is more about teamwork, having fun and learning in a safe environment. 

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