Your kids will get active and express themselves creatively.  Ballet classes at the Y help your little ones to discover the basics and beauty of ballet in a safe, fun, social atmosphere.  From the first plié to the final performance, new dancers will enjoy taking ballet at the Y. Students learn age-appropriate dance techniques of ballet at the barre, including basic positions, arm, hand and leg movements, good posture, and more.


Cheer is a social and team-based activity that boosts self-esteem while contributing to greater physical strength, coordination, balance and flexibility.

At the Y, cheer instills leadership by helping children set a positive mood with their voice and attitude.  Children also learn team-building, discipline and creativity developing and perfecting routines.

In addition, cheer classes bring out the little leader in participants. A cheerleader will:

  • Set the mood
  • Use positive reinforcement to motivate a team
  • Encourage discipline and teamwork
  • Build confidence within themselves and those they are cheering for


Oh, to be a kid again!  Tumbling, a form of gymnastics without the use of equipment, is so much fun! It develops social skills, reinforces spatial concepts such as over, under, in, out, together, apart; and enhances gross motor skills (movement and coordination).

At the Y, your little ones can learn age-appropriate balance and flexibility skills. Participants will learn the basics of tumbling in a fun and safe way. Utilizing indoor mats, tumblers will discover movements like rolls, stretches, cartwheels and more.