Come Join Us For Kids Night Out!

Upcoming Kids Night Out

November 16
December 21


Fees: $17 Facility Members, $25 program

Adopt Healthy Living

Our Kids Cardio Club provides a safe, accepting environment for kids to discover new workouts and become familiarized with exercise equipment we have in our facility. Parents and kids can work out together too!

Find out more about Kids Cardio Club here. 

Kids Night Out

Or should we say Parents Night Out?! While you’re off relaxing, catching up on errands or enjoying a date night, the kids will have a great time! Kid’s Nights Out have fun themes, movies that the kids will love kicking back and watching with their new friends!

Each night out will offer tons of fun:
Arts and crafts
Yummy food
Fun activities

Fees: $17 Facility Member, $22 Community ($3 discount for groups of 2-6 participants under 11 years)

Visit our Event Calendar to keep up-to-date on upcoming Kid’s Night Out evenings!

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