Splash Ball, AKA Water Polo will help your kids increase their stamina, endurance and overall swimming skills. At the Y, we teach the basics of the game, with an emphasis on the fundamentals of treading water, passing, catching, shooting, and offensive/defensive game strategies.

Splash Ball is a fun, safe way to introduce kids to the sport of Water Polo by incorporating swimming skills, safety, teamwork and the fundamentals of the game. If you have a child who loves the water and could play in it all day, Splashball may be the activity you’ve been looking for to entertain your little fish!

This refreshing game is played in the pool with two teams, opposing goals and a water polo ball (which floats on the water.) Somewhat of a combination of soccer and basketball and swimming, players throw the ball like basketball, into a net like soccer, while swimming and treading water. Water polo is an incredible, low-impact workout.


AGES 5 1/2 – 11 years

Splash Into Fun!

Join the Camarillo Family Y's Spring Splash Ball Session from 2/23-3/16!