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At the Y, we recognize that family, work, and wellness go hand in hand. That’s why we offer Corporate Partnerships with local companies to support your employees wellness journey and give them more time with family.  

In today’s corporate setting, employees spend a bulk of their time at work more than ever before. Once they arrive home, personal health and wellness can be an afterthought for many. The balancing act of family life, work, and health and wellness can be difficult for many. After all, when you invest in your most valuable resource – your employees – you help to increase overall health, happiness, work productivity, and reduce healthcare and work injury costs.


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Our corporate partnerships are offered to companies with 40 employees or more. There is no cost to join and there is a 12-month open enrollment period for employees following an officially signed agreement. We provide both employees and families with fitness and recreation at our local facilities and nationwide. Our program has been developed and implemented to support companies like yours in creating a healthier work environment and maximizing your company’s resources. 

As A Corporate Partner You Will Receive:

·         Reduced fees on joining and membership dues (organizations with 40 or more employees)

·         Year-round open enrollment periods

·         On-site enrollment employee wellness event support

·         Membership options including family, adult and couples

·         Unlimited access to Channel Islands YMCA Health & Wellness Centers

·         Virtual exercise classes

·         Access to the YMCA of the USA Nationwide Membership locations

·         Access to recreation, family events and reduced fees for programs

·         Reduced childcare costs

·         Free Child Watch for Family or Two Person Memberships while you workout in the facility 



We have five convenient wellness facilities throughout Santa Barbara and North Ventura Counties to choose from. Our facilities offer exercise equipment, classes, youth programs, and more.



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