Reset with the Y

Thousands of people across the country participate in the Reset Challenge.  This means that if you decide to start this year you won't be alone.  If you want to join and complete the challenge from start to finish, we encourage you to sign up by April 30 at the Welcome Center. If you decide to join later, no problem.

Begin your journey to Reset your life!

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Week 1 - Reset

Your journey begins right here, right now, once you make the commitment to Reset.  In your first week aim to do at least 150 minutes of exercise.  Nothing too intense or complicated.  Aim for activities of daily living like walking, running, hiking, swimming, gardening or cycling.  Remember exercise duration is cumulative so you can take a short walk in the morning and a swim in the evening.  Any activity that gets you up and moving is beneficial to your health and well-being.

Week 2 - Refresh

Your next challenge after starting your fitness reset is to plan a weekend of clean eating.  Although this can be difficult for many people, designing a menu and meal plan will make the process more enjoyable and rewarding.  Focus on foods that will provide maximum nutrition and benefits to your body and that taste good as well.  Remember those 'healthy' recipes you copies and stored away?  Now is a great time to give them a try!

Week 3 - Reconnect

As we approach week 3 of our Reset Challenge, let's focus on connecting with family and friends we may have lost touch with during the past several months.  It's important to re-establish and nurture the relationships we hold dear to us.  This connection can be facilitated through a visit, phone call or zoom connection whereby you can actually hear a loved one's voice or see them face to face or on a screen.

Week 4 - Replay

Perhaps you have put aside some of your personal interests or hobbies.  Week 4 encourages you to return to some of those treasured times.  Set aside some time during the week to do something you love.  This can include family game time, reading a book, venturing outdoors or coffee with a friend or taking a hike.  Savor this special 'me' time and consider the importance of taking care of self...physically, mentally and spiritually.

Week 5 - Reinvest

Now that you have engaged in personal activities to promote great health, week 5 challenges you to focus on giving back to your community and causes that are important to you.  Everyone has a talent or time that they can use to give back to the community.  We hope that you will embrace this week, as building strong communities will not only benefit your community, but will bring you a sense of personal satisfaction, accomplishment and pride.  "We are all in this together."

Week 6 - Restore

This is the final week of your Reset Challenge.  Congratulations for committing to and sticking with the challenge!  We hope that you are feeling a sense of restoration and a commitment to moving forward with your fitness journey.  Consider that a fitness journey consists of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  Use week 6 to plan on how you can incorporate your new habits and goals to Reset, Refresh, Reconnect, Replay, Reinvest and Restore your life going forward.  Be proud of the person you are and the personal accomplishments you have achieved!