Do you have a little artist at home? The Y art classes encourage your child to draw, paint and create crafts, so they can develop their artistic talents and expression. We offer a wide range of courses throughout the year to keep your child engaged and learning!

We’ll provide guidelines for kids to complete a particular art project, while incorporating their own ideas and inspiration into their masterpieces. Crafts help teach fine motor skills, including use of glue, scissors, and more. Through various media, this class will provide a creative outlet that allows their imaginations to flourish.

Through the arts, participants experience activities that:

  • Foster self-expression and build self-esteem
  • Develop imagination, critical thinking, and valuable social skills
  • Create a better understanding of the various cultures and backgrounds that make up our community

Arts at the Y will help strengthen your child’s character through the inclusion of our Core Values: Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. The arts are a fantastic way to enhance and practice the best and strongest values and parts of our selves.

Drawing Art Class

Let the artist in you shine and learn how to paint, draw, work with photos and design in 3D.

Cell Phone Photography & Editing Class

Capture Moments Like a Master