Locations & Registration

La Canada Elementary School: Room 30, 26
621 W. North Avenue
Lompoc, CA

La Honda STEAM Academy: Room 31,30, 23
1213 N. A Street
Lompoc, CA 805-742-2300

Clarence Ruth Elementary School: Room 37, 38
501 N. W Street
Lompoc, CA 805-742-2500

Registration is Now Open!
Parent Handbook
Registration Packet
Registration Packet en español 
Informational Flyer (English/Spanish)

For more information please contact:
Claudia Ortiz
Youth Development Director
805-736-3483 ext 40

Welcome to the Lompoc Unified School District/Family YMCA Education and Safety Program (ASES). ASES is committed to providing a safe place for students to experience academic support, enrichment in arts, physical education, and other
enrichment activities. The program is supported by a state grant, an Achievement Gap grant from Y-USA, and community partners.

We believe that the family is a vital part of our community and that parent involvement is essential to student success.  Your participation in the ASES program is important and we
encourage you to become involved in the after school community. We hope your child’s participation in our program will be beneficial to his/her overall development and school performance. Our goal is to give students and their families the support they
need to succeed in school and in life.

Program Goals & Description

It is the after-school program’s goal that students improve academically, emotionally, and socially through community, academic, recreation, and enrichment activities.

The ASES Program is a state-funded education and enrichment program designed to provide school-age children with a safe environment after the regular school day ends. Students will participate in academic tutoring, homework assistance, leadership training, and enrichment in the arts, academics, and recreation. Enrollment and tuition are free of cost. This program is available to all students and targets those that are at risk of academic failure and/or have financial needs.

The program consists of 9 components that assist students in their academic needs. We coordinate with regular day teachers and administration to integrate these components with the school’s curriculum, instruction, learning support activities and behavior policies. The 9 components provide tutoring, monitoring and/or homework assistance in language arts, mathematics, history, and social science, and/or science. Students are organized into grade-level groups.

Some activities might involve the visual and performing arts, music, physical activity, health promotion, general recreation, STEAM, 21st Century skills, global learning, career awareness, and work preparation activities, community service-learning, and other youth development activities, based on students’ needs and interests.

This program is NOT a “babysitting” or “child care” service and is viewed as an extension of the school day. Activities are held in the classrooms, the computer lab, library, multi-purpose room and on the playing field. Occasionally activities will take place off-campus. You will be notified in advance of such field trips.

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