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While individual workouts have their own rewards, a group exercise class has an instructor who provides instruction, feedback and at times, entertainment.

The Y has a large variety of classes to choose from, so your workouts will never be boring!

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Aerobic exercise, like Zumba, reduces health risks, keeps excess pounds off, strengthens your heart and energizes your mood. This unique class is a fusion of Latin and International dance themes combined for an exhilarating cardio class. Expect the instructor to give little to no verbal cues, but to follow the Zumba formula to ensure that routines are easy to follow. A party atmosphere is encouraged!


Along with the original Pilates exercises, this class will explore new exercises using various tools to strengthen and stabilize the core. The ultimate mind-body workout! Participants should leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and as if their muscles have been lengthened and stretched.


In the cycling class, you’ll climb onto a stationary bike to share an intense ride with a group of fellow cyclers. Your ride will vary in intensity and duration and focuses on endurance, strength, interval, and high-intensity training. You’ll stand, sit, pedal fast, pedal “uphill.” The settings will change from bursts of speed to coasting. Our cycling classes are designed to accommodate all levels of riders in the same class.


This ageless tool allows for a total body workout that will burn a maximum number of calories while using basic, functional movements. A variety of training tools will also be integrated for a total body workout.


The plan is simple and the results are amazing. This calorie-blasting workout is the one you want: effective, fun and intense. The goal: Sculpt the body while burning tons of calories during and afterward!


This class is a perfect way to build strength while sculpting your body and helping you get leaner. You’ll get experience using resistance bands, free weights and other tools to get a full-body workout. Motivating music and a fun instructor who provides guidance, modifications, and encouragement to keep you motivated and moving forward.


An energetic mix of strength and cardio designed to burn calories, while developing power, strength, and stam­ina. Suitable for ALL fitness levels!


Have fun while conditioning the whole body. Keith will take you through arm exercises, leg exercises and move you through basic low impact dance routines. You’ll have lots of fun while you meet new friends!


An hour of high energy dance and cardio, with Hip-Hop & Latin based movements and technique in the dance form. The class involves light stretching and strengthening exercises as well as cardio workouts.


This class combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout challenges beginners and intermediate students alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscles with this fun and challenging workout.


Often described as “meditation in motion,” Tai Chi promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements. The goal of the class is to improve balance, increase flexibility, and reduce stress. This class is very low-impact and appropriate for all fitness levels.


This is a fun, low intensity, low impact workout for older adults, or for anyone desiring a less strenuous class. (Beginning level class)

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Group Exercise Etiquette

Please arrive on time for class.
Please refrain from personal conversations during class as a courtesy to other students.
Please wear appropriate exercise attire which includes closed-toed athletic shoes, with the exception of yoga and Pilates classes.
Please bring your own mat to class to help prevent the spread of germs.
Yoga Classes: Once the Yoga class has started, please do not enter and disrupt the class.

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