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Physical And Mental Strength

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that combines mental and physical elements into relaxing and strengthening poses that promote inner peace and well-being. Practicing yoga burns calories and tones muscles, while giving you the focus to reduce stress and lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Gentle Yoga 

Gentle Yoga is a Hatha Yoga class that will allow you to shift from the stress of daily living into an easeful, more peaceful you.

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Yoga I

Yoga I is intended for yoga participants beginning level to advanced who crave feedback on form, function and techniques of HATHA YOGA.

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Yoga II & III 

Yoga II & III will allow you to explore and experience the revitalizing world of HATHA YOGA with classes offered morning, noon and night (intended for intermediate to advanced students).

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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga will wake up, lengthen and strengthen your muscles, body and mind with an invigorating vinyasa practice followed by a series of floor postures held passively for several minutes in order to access a safe and positive ‘stress’ on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body. It emphasizes stillness and silence, and prepares both the body and the mind for a deeper experience in meditation.

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Yoga Workshop

Yoga Workshop is an all level workshop designed to allow yoga students to go deeper into their practice in a comprehensive way. The workshop will include pranayama breathing techniques, meditation and a wide variety of standard and advanced poses. $10, Workshop held every 2nd Saturday of the month.

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Yoga Mala Workshop 

Yoga Mala Workshop is comprised of 108 Sun Salutations practiced in 4 sets consisting of 27 Sun Salutations. It all starts with intention; we are dedicating this Mala to the arrival of Summer Solstice. In Mala yoga, each breath (vinyasa) is considered a sacred bead, and each movement (asana) is a fragrant flower strung on the thread of the breath; it is an opportunity to truly feel the interpretation of yoga as a moving meditation. $10, Workshop held September 23.

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Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is a 30 minute class where children learn the value of movement and stillness for enhanced focus, self-discipline, and compassion to help others. Through imagination, posture, dance, and meditation each child builds confidence while respecting the group dynamic. Classes consist of yoga poses and yoga games, designed for children to have fun and learn yoga with a teacher skilled in working with children of all ages and attention spans. Ages 4-11.

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