Afterschool Enrichment at the Y

Class and Registration Details

Session Dates: September 16-November 7
Registration Period: September 3 – September 13

Open to Grades K-6

Fees: $120 per class session (8 weeks)

*Checks should be made out to the Santa Barbara YMCA
*In-person registration is September 5, 6, 12, 13

For more information please contact:
Miranda Nillo
Youth Care Coordinator

Brandon Cubas
Associate Youth Program Director

Afterschool Enrichment at the YMCA

The learning doesn’t have to stop after school. At Afterschool Enrichment, we engage children in fun and exciting activities that promote mental and physical growth that will benefit their learning habits and mood throughout the school year. Activities are available Monday through Thursday at Hope Elementary School.

Classes Offered:

Monday Slimy Science
Tuesday Super Science
Wednesday Art Around the World
Thursday Sports All-Stars

Grades 1-3
Monday Picture Perfect
Tuesday Art Around the World
Wednesday Slimy Science
Thursday Sports All-Stars

Grades 4-6
Monday Digital Media Mania
Tuesday Comic Book Creation
Wednesday Homework Helper
Thursday Sports All-Stars

Slimy Science: There is more to science than meets the eye! Have your child join the science explorers class to learn about the many things that make up the popular slime experiment. Students will create and test different variations of slime while also learning about the many properties and ingredients that go into making slime.

Sport All Stars: Let your child engage in sports such as soccer, softball, rugby and more! Along with playing in sports games, participants will learn about the different areas of fitness that help people stay healthy. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore nutritional foods and examine the food pyramid

Homework Helper: Does your child need extra guidance when completing homework? Join the Homework Helper class where trained instructors will help participants understand their homework along with teaching study tips.  Participants will also learn about mental health wellness tips and practices. If you feel you want your child to focus on a specific topic feel free to let the instructors know.

Comic Book Creation: Let your child’s imagination run wild. This class will focus on the various art forms in comic books and how they all come together to create universe in which super heroes exist. Each class session will take time to work on their final project, which is their own comic book!

Picture Perfect: Learn basic photography skills while discovering how to use digital, and disposable cameras. Students will test their photography skills on nature, portrait, macro and more! Every student will have a completed photo album with their prints by the end of the session. It is recommended that your child bring a camera to this class.

Digital Media Mania: One of the many newer forms of art is seen through digital media such as videography and graphic art creation. In the class, students will learn simple video editing techniques and create graphic art that flourishes their creativity. It is recommended that your child bring a camera with the capability to take pictures and video to class.

Art Around the World: Let your child expand their artistic abilities in Art Around the World. Students will explore several different countries art techniques in using clay, paint, and more. Each class will feature a different country and will include fun trivia about each place.

Super Science: Super Science expands beyond testing different slime but goes into sciences like biology, chemistry, and physics. In Super Science, students will be examining different experiments that challenge the laws of science.

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