Reach Your Goals

Upcoming Sessions

Fall Session II: October 1 – October 25
Fall Session III: October 29 – November 20 

Session Fees: $120

Ages: 16+

Register today at our Welcome Center or online to get started!

Class Times: Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 7:15am-8:15am


Achieve A Healthier You!

Are you having difficulty staying dedicated to your workout? Do you lack the motivation to do it on your own? We will increase your strength, power and performance.

FIT CAMP is recommended for the intermediate adult exerciser looking for accountability, personal improvement and camaraderie. Nationally certified trainers will use integrated training techniques to increase your cardiovascular stamina and improve your strength, mobility and stability. We provide a comfortable non-intimidating environment for a small & personalized group training.

Weekly Class Structure:

Monday | Muscle Endurance | Wellness Center
Compound Movement Circuits using Kinesis

Tuesday | Cardiovascular Endurance | Studio 1/ Wellness Center
Intervals on the Cardio Equipment

Wednesday | Active Recovery & Flexibility | Studio 1
Dynamic Flow Stretch
Foam Rolling

Thursday | Muscle Strength | Wellness Center
Resistance Training using Kinesis, Free Weights, & Technogym Machines

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