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Water Polo Registration Info

Kids learn the basics of water polo, from treading to passing, in this fun and active class that will get your child moving! Plus, they’ll gain valuable life skills of teamwork and cooperation as they practice.

Current & Upcoming Sessions:
January 11 – February 1
February 8 – March 1

Ages: 6 – 15 years
Fees: $42/mo. facility members, $65/mo. program members

Meets on Fridays at 3:15-4pm

Fall Water Polo Skills Clinic

Fall Session II: October 5 – October 26
Fall Session III: November 2 – November 16
Open to ages 5-12 years
Fees: $30 Facility Membership, $45 Program Membership

Water Polo at the Santa Barbara YMCA

Take your best shot! kids will love this fun and safe sport that incorporates swimming skills, safety, teamwork, and athleticism.

Water Polo is a game that builds strength, endurance and swimming skills.

This refreshing game is played in the pool with two teams, opposing goals and a water polo ball (which floats on the water.)  Somewhat of a combination of soccer and basketball and swimming, players throw the ball like basketball, into a net like soccer, while swimming and treading water. Water Polo is an incredible, low-impact workout.


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