In high school, I played a lot of sports and then after I stopped but I still wanted to be fit – that’s why I joined the Y. At the Y I usually run on the elliptical, then I do a bunch of other machines like the leg press and others.  I do yoga, sit ups, squats.  I felt so good all of the time and it made me more confident, more fit, made me like my body better. Then I got my friends to start working out as well!  Since I was so passionate about it I joined a group called the American Youth Understanding Diabetes Abroad.  Exercise is a big part of living with diabetes in a healthy way.  I got involved and went to the Dominican Republic to help people live with the condition which included exercise as a big part of it. The reason I wanted to do something related to diabetes is because I didn’t even know what diabetes was.  I wanted something new to learn.  I have made a lot of friends through the Y, friends who have helped me with the things I do.

- Shashi
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