Adult Activities

Y FIT and Personal Training

Have you scheduled your Y Fit appointments yet? Our facility memberships include three FREE Y FIT appointments, where we match you with one of our experienced personal trainers who will help you set an attainable fitness plan to help you reach your health and wellness goals. If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, read our trainer’s bios to find a mentor who can help you feel even stronger, fitter, and more confident than ever before.

Personal Training 

Group Fitness Classes 

Come get a great workout and enjoy the company of your friends! Our wide variety of Group Exercise classes allow you to fit your favorite class into your busy schedule.

Group Fitness Classes 

Private and Parent/Child Swim Lessons 

Our private and parent/child swim lessons program is designed to offer comfort and support to participants of all ages who are new to the aquatic environment.

Private Swim Lessons  
Parent/Child Swim Lessons


LIVESTRONG at the Ventura YMCA is a free research-based program offers people affected by cancer a safe, supportive environment to participate in physical and social activities focused on strengthening the whole person.


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