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Online registration is unavailable for this program. Please visit our Welcome Center for more information and registration.

Ages & Fees

Open to ages 8-11 years

$10 fee for Kids Cardio Club t-shirt

For more information contact our Health and Wellness Director Nicki Marmelzat at

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Keep the Fun Moving

After registration and an orientation, kids can use the cardio equipment with direct supervision of a parent or guardian.

Research from the Aspen Institute shows that active kids live more fulfilling lives. They are less likely to be obese, less likely to smoke and less likely to engage in risky behaviors. Active kids also perform better in school, are more likely to attend college, tend to earn higher salaries and have lower health costs over their lifetime. We have developed several programs in addition to sports and swim that encourage your child to stay active. Best of all, you can stay active with your child at the Y!

We are also currently offering Dance Cardio and Kids Zumba for our Kids Cardio participants.

Ask the Welcome Center for more information!

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