High Kick at the Y!

Join us for children's martial arts!

Adult Self Defense

Upcoming Martial Arts Sessions

Late Fall Session: November 5 – December 10

Fees: $35 Facility Member, $70 Program Member

Tae Kwon Do (4-7 Years)
Thursdays 6:15pm-6:45pm

Tae Kwon Do (7-13 Years)
Thursdays 6:45pm– 7:30pm

Karate (4-6 Years)
Tuesday 6:15pm-6:45pm

Karate (7-12 Years)
Tuesday 6:45pm– 7:30pm

Self Defense (5–8 Years)
Wednesday 4:00pm-4:45pm

Self Defense (8-13 Years)
Wednesday 5:00pm-5:35pm

Martial Arts


Karate classes will help children connect their mind and body while gaining self-respect. This class will help children learn how to defend themselves with proper punching and kicking techniques.

Children’s Self Defense

In this class kids will be taught how to observe their surroundings, what is and isn’t safe for them and defense techniques. It is a course designed to help Children rely on their instincts and help them in any situation that might arise.

Adult Self Defense

Join our new class for Adults!

Tae Kwon Do

One of the most popular martial arts in the world available here at the YMCA! Your child will learn self-defense skills and focus on discipline, and self-control to help your child build self-confidence.

Martial arts classes at the Y consist of stretches, kicking, meditation, spatial awareness, coordination and rhythm. Martial arts students develop a greater sense of self-respect and inner harmony while learning effective self-defense techniques.

Embracing the physical, mental, and spiritual element of martial arts improves the mind’s focus for increased awareness and better performance in school, which helps establish a healthy lifestyle early in life. Martial arts develops self-control, build confidence and manages stress to build a more emotionally healthy child. We will use strength effectively to maintain cardiovascular fitness.

Your child will enjoy a combination of fitness, self-defense, sport, meditation, discipline, character development and self-confidence.

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