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Online registrations are unavailable for this program. To sign-up for your first session visit our Welcome Center at the Ventura Family YMCA.

Forms and Contact

For more information contact our Health and Wellness Director.

Nutrition Request Form


Healthy Living Starts Today!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard! Health coaches are here to help you with your nutritional journey. Individual or family sessions are available to help you get your family on track.

1 session: Member $50, Program Member $65

Meet with a YMCA Holistic Nutritionist for your dietary needs. This consultation will include a 3-day food intake review, discuss dietary recommendations including calorie range, carbohydrate, and protein and fat allowances, answer questions regarding your dietary habits and provide material specific to your dietary goals. Complete the Nutrition Registration form and 3-Day Food Intake Log on My Fitness Pal. Return the registration and log with payment to the YMCA Front Desk. A Nutrition Specialist will contact you to set up a consultation.

2 Month Plan: Member $200, Program Member $260

Complete the registration and 3-Day Food Intake Log on My Fitness Pal. Your first session will be to meet one-on-one with a YMCA Holistic Nutritionist for 1 hour. After your initial appointment, you will set the next 3 appointments to make sure you are committed and held accountable during your two-month journey. Meet with a YMCA Registered Dietician for a nutrition analysis and assistance with your dietary needs pertaining to diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, etc. You will also be added to our monthly nutrition newsletter that will give you healthy lifestyle ideas for every season of life you are in.

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