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Must be 12 years or older

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Small Group Training Pass

Small Group training is a group of 12 participants or less. This creates an environment that is big enough to be fun, yet small enough to still be quality. It’s an affordable and fun way for members
to take advantage of a personal trainer’s expertise at a lower financial investment all while keeping the competitiveness of a group dynamic. Are you ready to work out harder than they ever have before? These trainings are geared to push participants to their max. Trainers are coaching to ensure that participants are safe. Trainers will not be working out with the participants (in contrast to group exercise) allowing them the ability to supervise each members movements and make corrections along the way.

Cardio- High-intensity cardio is used to boost your metabolism, improve recovery time, and can help manage stress.

Strength- Gaining muscle can help you burn more fat, lean out/tone muscles, and decrease your likelihood of injuries.

Flexibility- Helps you to use less energy when doing different movements and allows your muscles to recover quickly after exercise, reduces the physical stress on your body, and can improve circulation in your body.

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