Spring Youth Tennis

Spring Youth Tennis Classes

Spring Session Dates: April 15 – June 8
Fees: $45 Facility Membership, $90 Program Membership

Youth Tennis (5-7 Years)
Saturday 2:30-3:15pm

Youth Tennis (8-12 Years)
Saturday 3:15-4:00pm

Youth Tennis at the YMCA

Youth tennis programs at the Y not only offer a great form of exercise to kids, but also opportunities for them to develop skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Tennis is a sport that trains young players to:

Pursue constant evaluation and improvement. There are no shortcuts to success in tennis. Becoming a skilled tennis player require kids to practice, be aware of their performance, and always seek ways to improve. Our tennis instructors encourage players of all levels to participate in practices and games, while providing guidance on refining their skills so kids can feel confident in becoming better athletes.

Persevere. Kids in our tennis program grow from the process of learning a new sport and playing with teammates. In a supportive environment, players can learn from their errors and not be afraid to take risks. Tennis at the Y helps kids develop a positive attitude, encouraging them to bounce back from their mistakes and to stay ambitious with future efforts to succeed.

Value physical fitness. When kids develop a love for a sport like tennis they become aware of their body and what is required to maintain it at a high level of performance. This not only prevents them from becoming part of the epidemic of childhood obesity, it will also generally lead to a habit of healthy living and exercise that will make a tremendous difference in their overall health and productivity during their entire lifetime.

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