Youth & Government at the Y

Youth and Government run from August through February annually. This program is open to all high schoolers.

Meeting Times: Y&G runs from September through February and meetings are Monday at 6:15pm.

Mandatory Conference Dates:
T&EI: TBD in Fresno, CA
T&EII: TBD in Fresno, CA
MLC: TBD in Sacramento, CA

Click here for Youth & Government Registration Packet

For more information please contact Julie O’Brien at

Youth and Government at the YMCA

Through the Y’s Youth and Government Program (Y&G), 9th -12th graders can take part in learning about state laws and government, as well as civil and supreme court processes, while developing strong social skills and building healthy relationships. Join over 3,500 teenagers from across the State of California for this amazing program. Participants are trained in various government and court roles in preparation for the Model Legislature and Court Conference held at the State Capitol in Sacramento in February. Participants spend the week debating bills, taking positions on legislative issues, running for elected offices, and covering government as members of the news media. Y&G is the only program in the State of California that gives students the privilege of working in the actual Senate and Assembly Chambers of the Capitol Building!

Participating in Y&G can be a life-changing experience and benefits include:

  • Leadership development
  • Public speaking
  • Research and writing
  • Values and teamwork
  • Study skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Greater understanding of civic engagement
  • Addressing issues on statewide and national levels


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