At the Y, we work hard daily to make an impact in the community, and the payoff is immeasurable! We hear amazing stories every day about how people’s lives have been changed at the Y. We want to be able to share these powerful stories.

Do you have anything you would like to share with others? Thoughts to consider:

The challenges the Y helped or is helping you to overcome
How a Y activity or staff person made a difference in your life
How volunteering gave you the opportunity to do good
Why you donate to the Y
What activities were made possible to you by someone’s generous donation to the Y

Often when people think of the YMCA, they think of our focus on health and compare us to a local gym. If you’ve been involved with the Y, you know we are so much more than that. Through your story, we can share with others how the Y is accessible to everyone, and how we positively impact the lives of children.

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I am the Y


I have been able to keep my membership because it’s at a reduced rate based on my income. I am very grateful for this because …

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My son grows in the right ways through the Y. He is more helpful, patient, athletic, and a healthier eater. Y Sports Programs teach him …

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I went on vacation with my daughter and grandchildren. My 14-year-old granddaughter told her mom I was too young to act this old. So when …

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