The thing that brought me to the Y really was that I got all of my old people’s diseases out of the way early on. I had my 4-way bypass in my late 50’s and then about a year after that I had lower back surgery. I had to decide if I was going to stay on the couch or if I was going to get up. So my wife and I came to the Y. I had known of the Y from years and years ago and thought maybe they would help. I’m kind of shy about asking questions about money, but my wife told me to see if they have an insurance company that covers a membership. The price is very reasonable. It’s a terrific program for everyone. I walk over a mile a day, row for probably 45 minutes a day and I swim 1000 yard a day – 40 laps. It’s very hard to hurt yourself in the water. I’m sort of a junior Jack Lalane. I really love the Y and I would never miss it. In fact, the YMCA is closed for refurbishing, usually around the holidays. I am such a maniac about it I go to another Channel Islands Y. I tried to imbue my children to join the Y. The programs at the Y are great. When you are in good shape, no matter what age you are, it makes all of the other activities in life far more enjoyable.

- John
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