So, what's our purpose?

As youth, we want to:

  • Reduce alcohol and other drug abuse in Isla Vista
  • Have a better, safer and healthier place where youth and families can grow up.
  • Collaborate with local partners to increase awareness of the positive aspects of IV

We surveyed 300 residents from IV  200 residents were surveyed through 10 question format and another 100 through a photo voice project, #thebestofIslaVista. Based on information from the questions: 45% of participants were college students while 55% of participants were not (working class families and students.)


Based on the data from our surveys we narrowed it down to these 4 concerns in Isla Vista: 







So what do we need to do about this? We believe that the best way to deal with these issues is to work as a collaborative team with UCSB, SBCC, the County of Santa Barbara, Department of Behavioral Wellness, community non-profits and our families. How can we make the community/ college students more aware that there are kids growing up in IV that are also students? From kindergarten through high school, these kids need a nurturing environment to grow up in.

So how can we work together to create a wonderfui community for everyone?  Collaborative effort with local partners to increase media awareness of all the positive aspects of Isla Vista. Increase awareness in the local and greater community about children and teens living and studying in Isla Vista. Incorporate educational pieces at UCSB through current classes or programs.

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