I am extremely grateful for the My Home Program, and their amazing staff. Before I came into the My Home Program, I knew very little about the independent responsibilities I would face living on my own. Entering the program was a blessing, while also an opportunity to get started on the goals I wished to accomplish, for that I am very grateful. When I first entered the program I was taken back on the amount of care that the My Home Staff expressed to me; their willingness to listen and inspire fills me with motivation. The My Home staff helped me to organize myself while getting situated in Santa Barbara, CA by assisting me with job searches, utilizing the food bank, and even providing me with information for health independence. Through the My Home program, I was able to meet incredible people and gain new friends. I would love to give credit to the My Home Program and staff for setting me up with an incredible foundation built upon love, positivity, and faith.

- Djen’na
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