My name is Lissette and I am 14 years old. I have been a member of the teen center for 2 years. I started coming to the teen center because I was having trouble with math and it was affecting my grades. Now I have an A in math! I come to the teen center to take my mind off things, and when I’m at the teen center I am always laughing. Before I came to the teen center, I was really shy, but now I talk to more people and have more friends at school. If the teen center wasn’t here I would probably be struggling a lot in school. I wouldn’t get the help I wanted and I probably would still be really shy and not open myself up to people. My little brother just turned 8 but he already wants to be a member of the teen center. I really appreciate the teen center because it gives me the confidence I need to follow my dreams.

- Lissette
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