Residential Services

Located in downtown Santa Barbara, Noah’s Anchorage is a licensed eight-bed youth homelessness prevention center for youth 12-17 years old. All services are voluntary, free and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Services are low-barrier, immediate, and short-term to alleviate family tension, reduce stress, and create an ongoing system of care.

Services include:

  • Respite/cool-off

  • Daily nutritious meals

  • Activities to support health & wellbeing

  • Educational support

  • Transportation services

  • Independent living skills

  • Family mediation & conflict resolution

  • Housing coordination

  • Case management

Call/text: (805) 698-6701

Hotline: 1-866-HELP-TEEN

Clinical Services

Noah’s Anchorage offers short-term mental health counseling services to residential and non-residential youth and their families. Our clinical team promotes safety and wellbeing to build healthy coping skills, strengthen resiliency, and overcome adversity. We provide mental health services addressing a wide range of topics:

  • Trauma & Chronic Stress

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Support

  • Family Conflict Resolution & Mediation

  • Grief & Loss


Drop-In Services

Without or in addition to receiving residential services, youth 12-17 years old may drop-in any time to receive supplies and support from a caseworker. Drop-in services provide youth with basic needs, housing/education/employment case management, and assist with ongoing supports needed to thrive.

Services include:

  • Meals

  • Showers

  • Clothing

  • Laundry access

  • Hygiene supplies

  • Crisis intervention

  • Housing

  • Tutoring

  • Work readiness

  • Case management & more


About Noah's Anchorage Youth Shelter

Noah’s Anchorage is a Community Care Licensed Youth Homelessness Prevention Center. At Noah’s Anchorage we provide a welcoming and supportive environment for youth ages 12-17 who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, have runaway, or are in an unsafe situation. All youth who come to Noah’s have access to healthy meals, warm showers and hygiene supplies, clothing, and a supportive adult. Both residential and non-residential services are intended to support physical, educational, and social-emotional well-being. 

Our staff work alongside youth and their families to provide case management, education and housing support, life skills coaching, conflict mediation and much more all free of charge. Working from a holistic, positive youth development approach, services are individualized, strengths-based and designed to meet immediate and long-term needs.

In addition to ongoing prevention, crisis and after care services, we collaborate with numerous community partners to ensure youth and families receive a continuum of care before, during, and after their involvement with Noah’s Anchorage. We rely on our community partnerships for a collaborative and well-rounded service plan tailored to each youth and family’s unique circumstance.

Noah’s Anchorage has provided free, low/no-barrier services to all Santa Barbara residents for almost 50 years. Donations, grants, and legacy gifts maintain our services and ensure that Noah’s Anchorage YMCA Programs are delivered. 

Contact Us

Staff & Board

Location:  301 West Figueroa St., Santa Barbara 93103

Crisis Hotline: 805-963-8775

Crisis Text:  805-698-6701