Preschool at the YMCA

Each day at our YMCA centers, preschoolers are exploring, building confidence, enhancing their creativity, and growing their critical thinking skills. At the YMCA, we believe in purposeful play as the tool for early education. The classroom and outdoor spaces are structured to provide the tools and educational support that children need to succeed in Kindergarten and life. Our program supports cognitive, social-emotional, physical, language, and literacy development for all children in care. From the screening of staff to the playground to nap time, we maintain a safe environment where teachers can give attention to each child. We are licensed by the State of California to ensure the quality of care.

Preschool is offered at the Montecito Family YMCA & Santa Barbara Family YMCA.

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Preschool Membership

As an added value to the preschool experience, all enrolled families receive a free fitness facility membership to the YMCA. Having a fitness membership will allow your family to get connected to the YMCA community and work on fitness as a family. In addition to the great group exercise classes and equipment families are eligible for member discounts for other programs like preschool sports.

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Outdoor Classroom

Studies show the importance of students being outside and interacting with the natural world. The YMCA promotes 3 ½ hours a day of outdoor learning in full-day programs. The outdoor classroom lends itself to students working on motor skills, socialization, and cognitive development. The natural landscape and planned activities help children learn through play and exploration.

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Preschool Swim Lessons

One of the benefits of having a preschool at a YMCA is the ability to take advantage of swim lessons during the preschool day. Our swim instructors teach the mechanics of swimming, but more importantly safety in and around the water. This is a great way to enrich your child’s preschool experience and learn a needed skill. 

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