School-Age Care

As a parent, you know the hours before and after-school are critical for a child’s development. Before and Afterschool Care provides you peace of mind, where your child can continue learning in a safe and supportive environment. The Y offers homework support, healthy snacks, physical activity, STEM activities, and much more. Your child will have opportunities to try new things and make great friends.
Our enrichment programs provide a space for transformative learning experiences in a caring setting during critical after-school hours. Staff are carefully screened using standards set by the State of California, which includes extensive training and ongoing education. We also understand the role YMCA staff play in exposing youth to positive role models who build their self-esteem and sense of community. Located on school campuses, we provide age-appropriate and active learning environments using the SCALED LEARNING™ curriculum. 

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SCALED Learning™

SCALED Learning™, the Y’s holistic before and after-school curriculum, presents kids with new challenges as they reach each stage of their development. SCALED Learning™ helps kids grow in the classroom and out in the world through engaging in STEM, hands-on arts, literacy, career-connected learning, diversity and global education, social development, and fun! Kids who participate in the Y’s before and after-school programs expand the school day through active play with classmates and a curriculum that augments what they’re learning in school. Discovering the world is fun and safe with the experts on helping kids grow and learn. The Core Components of SCALED LEARNING™ are:

  • Stem
  • Career-Connected Learning
  • Arts
  • Literacy
  • Education & Classroom Confidence
  • Diversity & Global Learning

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Registration for 2024-25 school year is open. 


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School's Out Care

YMCA programs operate year-round and when school is out to ensure children have academic enrichment and recreational opportunities when they need them most. School’s Out Care is available on most school holidays including winter and spring break. During the summer, Before & Afterschool Programs transition to Day Camps and are accredited by the American Camping Association. 


Youth Programs

Through the Y’s activities for kids, we develop the values, skills, and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health, and educational achievement. Classes teach the fundamentals of program areas in a supportive environment. Programs at the Y encourage personal expression and the freedom to create and provides new experiences for kids. Our programs run in several-week sessions throughout the year. Each Y location offers unique programs to fit that community's needs. 


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