Youth sports leagues at the YMCA start with the basics and create an environment that allows kids to have fun and learn while developing skills that will advance their play over time. Healthy habits are taught and fostered in all Y sports, such as confidence-building, cooperation, having fun, and staying active. Staff and volunteer coaches serve as positive role models for kids of all ages. 

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Get the uniforms that you want on your time! YMCA sports participants will order uniforms directly from the YMCA vendor, Augusta Sportswear. Sports participants are required to order uniforms specific to the participating sport. Uniform purchase is only required once every couple of years. You will receive your uniforms within 3-5 days. 

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Flag Football

Flag Football is one of America's most exciting sports, and kids can get their start at the Y. In flag football, boys and girls have the opportunity to experience football in a non-physical environment, grabbing the flag from an opponent’s belt, rather than tackling. The Y will teach rules, tactics, and skills to help teams improve their game.

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Soccer & Futsal

Soccer at the Y is open to boys and girls of multiple age levels. YMCA teams practice weekly and play a game on Saturday during the season. Children will learn the fundamentals and engage in healthy competition with other teams. YMCA Futsal (indoor soccer) emphasizes fun, family involvement, skill development, and teamwork. The YMCA pairs futsal along with character development, providing the best environment for young athletes to grow.



In the 1970s, the YMCA and the NBA created the Youth Basketball Association (YBA) to organize a recreational sports program that emphasizes skills and teamwork over winning at any cost. Today, YMCA coed basketball leagues have evolved to develop fundamental basketball skills such as passing, shooting, dribbling, and the rules of the game, while learning teamwork, strategy, and sportsmanship.


Baseball & T-Ball

Youth baseball is an exciting sport combining team play with individual skills. YMCA youth baseball promises no tryouts, no getting cut, and no bench warmers. As a simplified game for younger players, the ball is placed on a tee, allowing the batter to swing at a stationary object rather than a pitched ball. T-ball is intended for children ages four to eight.


Roller Hockey

Any skill level is welcome to play! If you do not know how to skate, our knowledgeable coaches will teach you. The league emphasizes knowledge of the rules, skill development, and teamwork. We strive to encourage positive peer interaction, self-confidence, and responsibility.

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Financial Assistance

The Y strives to provide positive resources for families in the community. We believe wellness thrives in supportive communities and are committed to ensuring that no one is denied membership because of inability to pay.

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