Teen Activities 

The YMCA offers fun, engaging, character-focused programs developed specifically for teens and tweens. Our dedicated staff listens to participants and helps them navigate the stresses, changes, and choices that come with adolescence. Building relationships with these responsible adults and other young people from different backgrounds gives young adults the inner strength to navigate the path to adulthood successfully. 


Youth & Government

Youth & Government is a model legislature and court program for high school students that offers insight into government processes and knowledge to solve community problems by utilizing democratic processes. By stepping into roles of judges, lawyers, or Youth Governors, participants research, write, and debate to pass their own bills in an attempt to resolve real issues. The program includes trips to Fresno and Sacramento, collaborating with over 3,000 students across the state to experience the legislative world and meet California senators, assembly members, and judges.

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St. George Youth Center

St. George Youth Center provides a safe, fun, alternative space for teens during the high-risk after-school hours. Our goal is to create a space where all youth and teens feel safe, supported and empowered to be the best version of themselves. The youth center is open to young people in grades 5th -12th, and we support the strength and achievement of youth and their families through a variety of educational, recreational, cultural and leadership opportunities.

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Isla Vista Teen Leaders

The Isla Vista Teen Leaders, a leadership group based out of the St. George Youth Center, empowers youth to make informed, healthy decisions for themselves and create meaningful impact in their community. Participating youth cultivate leadership skills and practice community engagement through workshops offered by community partners, event planning, meeting with local leaders and officials, and many other activities that foster youth development. IV Teen Leaders also support youth substance use prevention efforts by serving as youth representatives in the Isla Vista Coalition for Healthy Communities 805, a community coalition funded by the Drug-Free Communities Support Program. Isla Vista Teen Leaders is open for 7 - 12 graders who live in Isla Vista or Goleta, and they meet every other Tuesday at St. George Youth Center from 4:30 - 6pm.

St. George Youth Center

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Teen Orientations & Strength Classes

Members over the age of 12 can access the YMCA on their own. Our complementary orientations are a great way to ensure that teens have the understanding of safety and etiquette needed to use cardio, strength and group exercise classes. Call your local Y to schedule your first appointment. Teen Strength Classes are small group training opportunities. Lead by personal trainers, teens work on cardio, endurance, flexibility, and strength in a fun group setting.

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Sleepaway Camp

With YMCA sleepaway camps, adventure time is always on. In these programs, campers are immersed in the outdoors—staying in villas or cabins during the night and exploring nature throughout the day. Activities vary by camp but commonly include recreational water activities, hiking, and sports. By the end of the program, campers will leave with an adventurous spirit and new friends.


Thinking Ahead- Financial Aid for College

This free, 3-course class will teach students and parents ways to plan ahead and save for college and how to apply for financial aid, grants, and scholarships.

College dreams are attainable when knowledge is on your side.


Prepping for College
Ways to save, plus info on student aid, loans, grants, scholarships, work-study, and more!

What is Federal Student Aid and how can I benefit?

FAFSA Application Process
Step-by-step application assistance from start to finish.


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