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Working out in a group offers many benefit over exercising alone, such as motivation from friends, classes led by an enthusiastic professional, and working together towards a common goal.

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Pure Strength

Carefully designed to introduce you to proper strength training techniques. Pure Strength makes use of a full lot of equipment to target every muscle group you have in one class. This class is a perfect way to build strength while sculpting your body and helping you get leaner. You’ll get experience using resistance bands, free weights, and other tools to get a full-body workout. Motivating music and a fun instructor who provides guidance, modifications and encouragement to keep you moving forward.

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Body HIIT Extreme

ADVANCED Class. Optimize your physical form and function. Improve endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance and more while building lean, functional muscle and a strong stable core. This is a very high intensity interval training class.

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Functional Fitness

A beginner level class for active older adults emphasizing improved muscular strength, endurance, balance, and joint mobility allowing daily functions to be performed with ease.

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Prime Time Strength

A next level up class from Functional Fitness. Emphasizing improved muscular strength, endurance, balance, and joint mobility allowing daily functions to be performed with ease. 45 minute class. Held in the Gymnasium.

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Zumba is a fusion of Latin dance and international music. It is a mixture of body sculpting with easy to follow dance steps that will burn calories and make you smile.

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Cardio Dance

Have fun while conditioning the whole body. Our instructor will take you through arm exercises, leg exercises and move you through basic low impact dance routines. You’ll have lots of fun while you meet new friends!

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Body Breakthrough 

This one-hour ADVANCED workout combines both Cardio and Strength to deliver BREAKTHROUGH results. This is a pyramid style class that incorporates 9 elements/exercises to assure you experience the ultimate workout.  Each Element is done in 30 second intervals.  This class moves at a fast pace,  so bring your enthusiasm and energy and be ready to sweat!

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T’ai Chi 

Considered a moving meditation and powerful martial art, this slow, graceful exercise promoted good health and well-being. Great for beginning exercisers!

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MET-CON (Metabolic conditioning) is a fast paced circuit training style HIIT class that will push you out of your comfort zone and beyond  your expectations! Using a variety of cardio moves, body weight and strength equipment, this workout encourages you to meet, challenge, and unpredictability head on. This circuit format will work your body from head to toe. Intermediate to advanced class.

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This 60 min. workout combines three 20 min. segments to feed a challenged-hungry crowd. Come experience three of the hottest tness trends united into a full hour of excitement. The rst 20 min. is a heart-pumping Tabata workout. The second 20 min. is a multi-repetition program using integrated explosive exercises, and the last 20 minutes is traditional body conditioning segment used as a recovery. 20×3 is truly a workout for the millennium!

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Group Exercise Guidelines

Be on time to ensure your space in class & prevent injury.
Limit talking, it’s impolite & distracting to the class and instructor.
If you have a special medical consideration, consult your doctor prior to exercise.
Wait for classroom to clear before entering.
Wear good aerobic shoes (no black soles).
Participants must be 12 years or older.
Please silence cell phones, no texting and no headphones.

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