Remote Learning

As your school district finalizes plans for the upcoming school year, we know that one of the concerns is how families will navigate any new school day structure while meeting the demands of work and home. Here are 5 tips for parents whose children are now learning at home.

  1. Help your child establish and stick to a routine.
    Just as your child would have at school, routines and schedules are important during remote learning. Treat school days just like you would if your child was attending school as usual. Experts recommend keeping them on the same or similar sleep schedule, getting properly dressed, and eating a healthy breakfast.
  2. Make a space for learning.
    Set up a location that’s dedicated to school-focused activities away from where they normally play games or watch television. Make sure it is quiet, free from distractions and has a good internet connection.
  3. Maintain breaks and limit screen time.
    t is important to schedule break times. Overuse of screen time can have adverse impacts on your brains. Your child may want to continue to use a screen of some sort during their breaks, so it’s important to limit screen time and encourage them to get up and move around.
  4. Check in with your child’s teachers and other parents.
    Keep an eye out for any communications from teachers and reach out to them if your child is having difficulty managing online learning. Check in with teachers and other parents to see how they are doing or ask if they need help.
  5. Remember to schedule time for physical activity
    Your child will be sitting in front of a computer for long stretches of time. Encourage them to take breaks to stretch or walk around.

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Health and Safety

Your Child’s health and safety remains a top priority.  We’ll apply our experience in providing childcare for essential workers and summer day camp programs to maintain a safe environment.