During the month of October, the Channel Islands YMCA IT Services Department will be working to migrate the San Luis Obispo technology resources to the @ciymca.org network.


We will be moving your @sloymca.org accounts (email, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint) to @ciymca.org and connecting your computers to our network.  We will also be taking over as your primary technology support resolving all your requests and issues.


Here are important dates and information to be aware of during this migration.


Friday, Oct 6: CIYMCA ITS staff will be on-site at the San Luis Obispo YMCA to prepare the network and for the migration.  We will be installing management software on each computer.

Friday, Oct 20: CIYMCA IT staff will be on-site at the San Luis Obispo YMCA to help staff setup their new @ciymca.org accounts.  We will help you change you change your password and setup Multi-Factor Authentication.

Oct 20 Night: Your @sloymca.org will be disabled and your email mailbox, OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint data will be transferred to your @ciymca.org account.

Saturday & Sunday Oct 21 & 22: CIYMCA ITS staff will be migrating computers to the CIYMCA network.  Staff will not have access to their computer until it has been migrated.

Monday, Oct 23: CIYMCA ITS staff will be on-site at the San Luis Obispo YMCA to help staff sign in to the computers with their new @ciymca.org account, connect Outlook, Teams & OneDrive.



You will be assigned a new @ciymca.org user name, email address, password, and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Most of your data will transfer over:

  • Email: email, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes & rules
  • OneDrive: documents & permissions
  • Teams: 60 days of chats
  • SharePoint: documents & permissions


What won't be transferred over:

  • Documents not stored on OneDrive or SharePoint (Downloads folder)
  • OneDrive document version history larger than 512MB
  • Shared OneDrive & SharePoint Links
  • Safe Senders or Blocked List
  • Outlook Quick Steps
  • User Settings (Desktop background, Taskbar shortcuts, default apps)
  • Browser bookmarks & saved passwords
  • Teams chats older than 60 days
  • Guest Accounts



Emails sent to your @sloymca.org email address will be automatically forwarded to your @ciymca.org Inbox. 


Any email that you send will come from your new @ciymca.org email address.

We will be porting your existing Teams phone numbers to your new @ciymca.org account on Friday, Oct 20th @ around 2pm.  We will be working Friday afternoon to get your Teams phone number configured on your @ciymca.org account.


Once the phone numbers have ported, you will only receive calls when signed in to your @ciymca.org Teams account.

We will be shutting off access to your @sloymca account the night of Friday, Oct 20 to move your email and documents to your new @ciymca.org account.

We will open access to your new @ciymca.org accounts once this data migration is finished.  We anticipate that by mid-morning Saturday you will be able to sign in to your @ciymca.org account on your phone or browser as long as your account was setup with CIYMCA ITS staff on Oct 20.


You will only be able to access your computer after CIYCMA ITS staff have connected it to the CIYMCA network.  We expect that this process will take about an hour per computer.  I would recommend not to plan working on Sat, Oct 21 or Sun, Oct 22.  If you will need to work and have computer access on either of those days, please reach out to ITS@ciymca.org so we can coordinate and prioritize your computer.

CIYCMA ITS Staff will be on-site at the San Luis Obispo branch on Friday, Oct 6 and Friday, Oct 20 and can assist with these tasks.

Expect to spend the first half-hour or so of your day on Monday getting your computer and new account set up.

You will have a new computer profile, and all of your applications (Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint) will need to be connected to your new account.  Your Outlook mailbox & OneDrive will also need to sync.  Depending on how much data is in your account this process may take a few minutes to a few hours, but you will be able to work while it syncs.

CIYMCA ITS staff will be onsite at the San Luis Obispo branch to help you with this process.  We will also be showing how to access Helpdesk to submit tickets and OPUS which is the CIYMCA SharePoint site.



Until ITS staff migrate the school site laptops staff will not be able to sign in or access either their @sloymca or @ciymca accounts.


The laptops should be brought to the branch on Oct 20 so they can be migrated over the weekend.  Staff will need to sign in to the laptops while they are connected at the branch before they are taken back to the school site.

You can email its@ciymca.org if you have any questions about this migration process.


We will be updating this page with any new information during the migration process.