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At the Stuart C. Gildred Family YMCA, you’ll discover a gathering place where families bond and stay connected, youth and teens build character values and leadership skills, seniors find companionship and improve their health, and adults find community, well-being, and support. For many, the Y is like a second home.


✉ Thomas Speidel
Executive Director
☏ (805) 686-2037 ext 3125

Thomas “Tommy” Speidel was a "Y kid" growing up in Richmond, Virginia -- basketball was his preferred sport -- and it helped formulate his life. Speidel currently serves as the Regional Executive Director of the Stuart C. Gildred Family and Lompoc Family YMCA’s. He has over seventeen years of YMCA experience, previously working at the YMCA of Greater Richmond (Richmond, Virginia) and the YMCA of Coastal Georgia (Savannah, GA). Speidel graduated from Ohio University with a degree in sports science and post-graduation internship in the athletics department at Boston College. 


Stuart C. Gildred YMCA Board of Managers

John Kirkgard - Board Chair
Kristin Callahan

Rich Glaus
Ken Gruendyke
Jeanmarie Harty
Suzanne Jakkola
Brett Jones
Ken Kahn
Danielle Laudon Ruse
Bob Lowry
Chris Parker
Ken Sorenson
Jeff Sgobba
Monica Trouve’ Sapp
Rick Soto
Jim Watts