Stories from YFS

Suzie's Story

Suzie, 18, was connected with the Haley St. Navigation Center by her high school social worker to help her secure housing. Suzie’s family had a history of homelessness. Upon meeting with outreach staff, Suzie was also referred to a program for employment support and received a meal, clothes and hygiene items. The outreach team supported Suzie in getting “document ready,” a process of collecting important documents to be eligible for rental assistance. Within a month, Suzie was approved for rental assistance and was referred to the Turner Foundation, a partner that supports housing, for a potential move-in to a single room of a shared space. By the end of last month, Suzie completed a financial assistance plan and was moved in! Suzie is looking to continue her education with the Running Start program at SBCC. Suzie was supported with her goals with a phone, a YMCA gym membership, and on-going weekly case management from the YMCA TAY staff.

Christine and Brianna's Story

Christine and Brianna came to the Navigation Center looking for support with housing after sleeping in a rented U-Haul truck for over a month. A few weeks into connecting with our services, the couple got into a motor accident and sustained injuries that prevented them from maintaining their employment and wrecking the truck where they had been sleeping. This was a huge physical and emotional blow to the couple, who had to separate during this difficult time. Luckily, our program was able to work quickly with a partnering housing authority property to refer the couple and get them a housing interview. The ladies were able to sign a lease within a day of Brianna’s release from recovery. The program also provided rent while they both healed and worked on employment goals. Lease signing proved to be an emotional step in this couple’s journey as we saw them hold hands and shed a tear while getting a glimpse of their new home.

Youth Testimonials

“I feel like everyone’s stay and experience at Noah’s is different according to their situation and what led them here. For me personally, Noah’s has helped me tremendously with the situation and everything. When first coming to Noah’s I thought this wasn’t going to be homey, more like a facility, but after being at Noah’s and living here, it is super homey and I just feel safe. The staff here are so helpful and patient that it’s hard to feel anything but safe and cared for. My favorite thing about Noah’s is that staff are always around if I need to talk and when I do, I feel heard.”

“Noah’s staff have helped me in more ways than I can count. Noah’s has been there for me more than other people. Being here has made me more independent as well. I love Noah’s and am sad to go, but love that I can still drop in whenever I need support.”

“I have felt a great sense of community while staying at Noah’s, I have made great connections with youth and staff here and will miss this place, I am thankful for everything Noah’s has done for me.”